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Managing safety purely by compliance does not ensure workplace safety . Employees must be trained to a full understanding of the hazards in their workplace and how to eliminate or protect themselves from those hazards.

Compliance is merely checking boxes. Focusing too much on regulations can result in a decreased emphasis on actual hazard recognition and prevention.

While our services will help you be compliant with federal regulations, our ultimate goal is helping to improve the health and safety of your workforce. 

ENGEL SAFETY LLC  specializes in Emergency Response Team preparedness and also offers a wide range of training and consultation services for occupational health and safety. Most courses can be customized to meet your needs.

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OSHA began enforcement of the new silica crystalline standard for the construction industry on September 23, 2017. Are you protecting your employees adequately?

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OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer

OSHA Public Sector Safety & Health Certified

​Certified Safety Health and Environmental Professional

MCC Certified Safety and Health Official

>25 year Fire Service Experience in the Kansas City area

Haz-Mat Technician providing hazmat training

Nationally Registered Paramedic

Confined Space ​Rescue Technician

​Trench Collapse Rescue Technician

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